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We took the front sheet metal off, removed the engine and were left with what you see. I had always been under the assumption that the truck had been hit at some time in the past but when we got the front fenders off it appeared that it hadn't. Apparently just the door that was on the truck (non-original) had been hit. The cab was in remarkably good shape, the worst spot was the lower right hand side which you can see in the bottom right hand side picture. I still remember the day I took these pictures..I was thinking "Oh man, what have I done??"




Unfortunately at the time I did this I did not own a digital camera and the one I had borrowed earlier I had to give back. Therefore I was not able to get any pictures during the time the construction was going on. I have recorded this timeline just for posterity.

April 15th, 1998 - The new clip is tacked in and the front sheet metal is fitted to it.

April 16th, 1998 - The engine is back in and the work of getting everything hooked back up begins.

April 18, 1998 - The steering column is fitted in, and the passenger side door hinge mount is repaired.

First Week of May - It came home, unforunately it was 3 months before I was able to finally get a digital camera so it took a while to get some new pics made.

August 3, 1998 - I get digital camera and immediately wear out a set of batteries taking the pictures linked below..










These are some pictures that were taken in August,1998 which show the front clip project after it was completed. As you can see, at that time, there was still a lot of body work and all the painting still to be done. The stance and driveablity of the truck was dramatically different though.